Ironsworn: Delve Nominated for a 2020 ENNIE Award - Voting Ends Today!

Ironsworn: Delve Nominated for a 2020 ENNIE Award

Ironsworn: Delve is nominated for 'Best Supplement' in the 2020 ENNIES awards. The final decision is in the hands of the public, and I'd be honored to have your support! Visit the ENNIES website to vote for your favorite tabletop RPG products and creators. Voting ends today at 11:45 EST!

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If you enjoy Ironsworn, this is a must have supplement!  

If you played Ironsworn and thought, "it would be nice if the game had more inspirations for what the travel and or obstacles should be like between Ironsworn quests", this supplement solves that problem!  

Even if you prefer D&D or OSR rpgs and you are the type of GM that likes to create your own content, dungeons, and monsters for your homebrew games, this supplement is also for you!

Honestly, I couldn't recommend this supplement more!


I'm stoked you like it! Thanks for the recommendation and kind words.