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A massive expansion for the Ironsworn tabletop roleplaying game.  Expeditions into perilous places, more foes and encounters, an array of new oracles, expanded setting info, mysterious objects of power, campaign threats, and much more!

The Depths Await

This supplement for the Ironsworn tabletop roleplaying game takes your quests to the deepest, darkest reaches of the Ironlands. Plunge into subterranean caverns. Explore untracked forests and foreboding swamps. Journey across icebound wastes. Uncover lost secrets within ancient ruins.

To fulfill your sworn vows, you will brave the most dangerous places of the world and face the most terrible foes. Will you escape the depths? Play to find out.

With an array of new options and tools, Ironsworn: Delve is the perfect companion for your Ironsworn campaign—in or out of the dungeon.

What's Included

  • Support for solo, co-op, and traditional guided play
  • Gameplay options, tips, and setting details for quest-driven expeditions within perilous sites
  • Hordes of new foes, extraordinary encounters, and campaign-level threats
  • Wealth, artifacts, and supernatural rarities to give your character an edge
  • Quest starters, sample locations, and an assortment of new oracles to keep your story moving
  • Inspirational tools for zero-prep gameplay—with or without a GM

Note: This supplement requires the use of the Ironsworn core rulebook, which is free to download.

About the Delve Digital Edition

The Ironsworn: Delve digital edition includes a 235-page rulebook, printable theme and domain cards, and reference materials. The rulebook PDF is bookmarked, searchable, and optimized for fast tablet display. Portrait and landscape (two-page spread) formats are included.

More Info / Print Editions

For Ironsworn information and resources, or to purchase print editions, please visit ironswornrpg.com.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(160 total ratings)
AuthorShawn Tomkin
GenreRole Playing
TagsFantasy, GM-Less, ironsworn, solo, Solo RPG, Tabletop, tabletop-role-playing-game


Buy Now$12.50 USD or more

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Are there any more community copies?

Community copies are refreshed

Omg. Thx, i snagged one of the community copies. Cant wait to try this out!

Am so sorry for asking this. But can you notify me when the next community copy refreshed please? I can't afford ur game since my monthly allowance didn't even come close to the price. 😔 

There are a few community copies available now.

I got it... Ahhhhhh... Thank you so much good sir 😆


I'm ashamed to admit that I came here looking for a community copy but when I saw the comments... well, I just bought the thing. Ironsworn is a really good game and I think the author deserves to be paid for their efforts.

I appreciate the support, but also super-happy to get copies in folks hands either way. Thank you!

Is there any more community copies?

Community copies are refreshed.

Thank you so much you're awesome


I'd love to play more solo games. 

Unfortunately I am tight on money. Are there any community copies left I could snag?

Apologies for missing your comment. Community copies are refreshed.

Ah! I just missed the community copies! Hats off to Shawn for creating an amazing RPG system with Ironsworn. Eager to check out Delve.

There are some community copies available.

Thanks so much!!

Sure thing! Enjoy :)

My vow to check each morning, day, and night for a community copy has now been fulfilled! (Seriously, though, thank you!! I screamed when I saw them and will be enjoying this world so much more! Y'all the best!)

When will the community copies be refreshed?

Deleted 183 days ago

The pool has been refreshed. If you don't snag one, give me a holler.

Thank you so much! You are very kind!

Hi is there any chance of a community copy available soon? I've been loving the base game. Hope to get starforged in the near future


Community copies are refreshed.

You are incredibly generous, thank you so much. I have been really enjoying the base game when my kids go to sleep. As a full time stay at home dad I haven't had much disposable income so this is really great.  Hoping to get a copy of starforged around the end of the year.

Hi Shawn, tanks a lot for the Community Copies, it´s helps a lot, specialy for us who live in Argentina and the exchange rate is crazy (Almots AR$ 7.000). Do you know when you will release new copies?

I just added 5 community copies to the pool.

Tanks a lot Shawn, as a contribution, i can translate (it not will be fast) your game to Spanish. If you think is usefull, let me know :) 

what time of month are the community copies refreshed

There are copies available now.


Is there any opportunity for more community copies? My currency doesnt translate well to USD and I´m really interested on the game

please remove a community copy, I purchased my own copy and will upload it to share with my friend


Will there be new community copies for the new year or are these already gone?

The pool has been refreshed.

Thanks, can't wait to read it. 😊


hoping for a refresh soon

More added.

Any chance of a Community Copy refresh in time for the holiday season, please, Shawn?


Many thanks! Very much appreciated!


Thank you!! This game is awesome!


hope for a community coppy refresh son


Community copies added. Give me a holler if they are gone and I'll get you sorted.

literaly bought the game yesterday on rive thru rpg before i saw this cause i had some spare money, though i am happy to gove this good prodject some money for the trouble

They are gone again could you refresh them?


The Ironsworn: Delve is not only a great expansion for Ironsworn but also full of inspirational world building oracles that are also useful for other TTRPGs.

I highly recommend this expansion.

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this expansion is awesome!

Man, i so happy that i get my copy

(2 edits) (+7)

Ironsworn: Delve is a 240 page expansion to the already beefy Ironsworn core. It has the same extremely solid level of quality, and it adds rules orbiting around exploring dangerous adventuring sites. Furthermore, Delve also throws in a bunch of sample dungeons, monsters, and anomalies (basically locations that are also monsters,) plus a *lot* of new character build options, including Assets that drive gameplay themed around money and occult artifacts. Content-wise, pretty much everything in core is enhanced or optionally altered here.

Core Ironsworn primarily involves travel and overworld encounters, so Delve surprised me a bit with the amount of energy it devotes to making a separate game out of dungeon/location-diving. There's a set of Moves and mechanics specifically to handle adventuring sites, and they're comprehensive---although they feel really similar to the way Ironsworn handles combat and travel, so you don't really have to learn anything radically new to use them.

Delve also comes with a flexible, robust dungeon-generator. It's done primarily through keywords, which you can randomize if you like, and which are general enough to cover most possible options for spooky places you might want to set foot in. The generator is strongly tailored to Ironsworn, so you won't get tactical grids out of it, but if you want to just yank out the generator and use it elsewhere, it *is* very good for quickly coming up with overall pictures of dungeons and their inhabitants.

Provided you *are* intending to use Delve with Ironsworn, it contains lots of  non-dungeon elements as well. There are rules suggestions for how to link the site-exploration mechanics to quests or travel, and for how to recalibrate the overall game difficulty or streamline play, and for how to add maps, and for how to add exp gain from failed rolls. Like Ironsworn, Delve is built to be hackable, and it comes with frequent recommendations for how to do that.

Overall, if you like Ironsworn, it's absolutely worth supporting Delve. Delve doesn't radically change the game's contents, but it provides a wealth of support and resources and fleshes the game out even further.

And if you haven't checked out Ironsworn yet, do that. It's huge, it's free, and it's very well made.


A great addition to a great game. Ironsworn was the first long form solo game I ever played. It sent ne in directions I had no idea I would go. 

This is an excellent way to go deeper into the game and play in environments you may not have thought to put your character in before. 

Highly recommend


Thank you for this game! I'm having an awesome time!


Excellent work! Excited to include this supplement in my solo campaign


A really Nice job!

Congratulations from rpgsolobrasil!


Such an incredible game!


Beautiful. Thank you so much. Game is fantastic


Thank you!


Wish I was quicker in claiming a free copy! I’ll just have to save up then.


Or wait until more community copies are available