Volume 3 Asset Set Now Available!

Ironsworn has been updated with the Volume 3 asset package, which includes 18 new options for your Ironsworn characters!

Included in this set:

  • Cave Lion (Companion): This devoted cat accompanies you on your quests.
  • Mammoth (Companion): A mighty mammoth carries your burdens.
  • Spider (Companion): Your spider leads you into dark places.
  • Alchemist (Path): Create powerful—but dangerous—elixirs
  • Animal Kin (Path): You are a friend to the animals.
  • Bonded (Path): Gain strength from your relationships.
  • Dancer (Path): Beguile audiences and foes with your grace.
  • Empowered (Path): Leverage your authority. Or, cast it aside.
  • Fortune Hunter (Path): Amass wealth to give you an edge.
  • Improviser (Path): MacGyver your way out of bad situations.
  • Oathbreaker (Path): You've forsaken a vow. Now you have an opportunity to set things right.
  • Spirit-Bound (Path): You are haunted (literally) by the mistakes of your past.
  • Berserker (Combat Talent): Time to rage.
  • Fletcher (Combat Talent): Craft arrows of uncomprimising quality.
  • Slinger (Combat Talent): Fire a barrage of stones at your foes.
  • Leech (Ritual): Gain strength from the blood of your enemies.
  • Lightbearer (Ritual): Carry this mystical light into the dark places of the Ironlands.
  • Tether (Ritual): Let this link carry you back home.

This is a release candidate, so some minor tweaks may happen in the next couple of weeks based on feedback from players.

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